Project Work

1 Objective

Development of a Networked N X N Tic-Tac-Toe game.  The scope of this project is limited only to playing game between two computers at a time. 

2 Brief Overview about the System

Tic – Tac – Toe is basically a game played between either human and computer or between two computers ie; two humans on two computers in a network. Tic –Tac–Toe game is nothing but a square matrix in which each player can put his marks in a cell as shown in fig 1. In this figure “X” and “0” are two players. In each mouse click each player puts their characters in the grid. The winner is the one who is putting all the same characters in one of the rows, columns or diagonally. For example in the fig 1 the player marking the character “0” is the winner. So the two players will give their move through a computer network and whoever has played, their result will be displayed in both the computers simultaneously.

Fig 1 Basic Game whith “0” winner.

2.1     Basic Operation

The basic operation of the Tic – Tac – Toe game is as shown in the figure 2. From the figure2 it is clear that the following options should be supported by the project.

a)      It should have a provision for entering the computer address and port of the remote computer to which the game should be played.

b)      It should have the provision for sending as well as receiving the moves through a network ie; it is basically a peer – to – peer networking model.

c)      It should have the provision for saving the moves to a database with a specific name for opening it at a later time. While opening, it will display the saved names in a dialog box. When it is loaded it will transmit this move and will synchronize with the other computer.

d)      It should be at least a 3/3 matrix which can be later extended to an N/N matrix.

e)      While closing, it should prompt a message like “Do you want to close the application ?”

f)        It should have a provision to set various settings of  Tic -Tac -Toe.

      g)   It should use MS Access as database for saving all the moves. Database Name may be like TicTacToe.mdb

 2.2    Detailed design

           The system contains 4 menus , each have its own respective meanings. Various menus and their  descriptions are given below.

File Menu

        1)    Open Move: This command opens moves in the MS Access database.

        2)      Load Move:  This command loads a move from the Access database.

              3) Exit: This command closes the application. While closing, it should ask for confirmation for closing.

        View Menu

In addition to the default SDI Generated menu, View menu contains a menu for showing and hiding the result box in the SDI Application.

Settings Menu

1) Connection Properties: This command opens the connection properties dialog box like IP Address Name and Square Matrix Size of the  Tic-Tac-Toe.

        Help Menu

    1)     About Box: This menu pops up the about box. It should contain the name of the  groups and the team members who are involved in that team.

 2.3        Interfaces

  This application will require interfaces ADO and TCP/IP.

 2.4       Tools & Technologies

                ·       Visual C#.NET 

·        Visual Source Safe

·        Windows 2000/NT/9X

·        MS Access 2000

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